Classic Deluxe Mirror

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Deluxe model featuring customizable shelving, with an exterior framed mirror that conceals your stored items.

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Elegant, Full Length Glass Mirror
This clear, beautiful mirror will enable you to admire your entire ensemble with ease. With other shorter mirrors you have to position yourself at just the right angle for the possibility of catching a glimpse of your entire outfit. With the Cabidor, the focus is on you.

Instant Storage
In addition to the beautiful mirror, you can quickly gain the storage capacity of 5 standard medicine cabinets in a space that would otherwise be wasted behind your door.

Instant Organization
The well laid out, customizable design keeps all of your items stored neatly together, and at your fingertips. No more digging through a disorganized pile in a drawer or vanity cabinet. When you don’t need access to your stored items, they simply disappear behind the mirrored cabinet façade.

Product Specs

Hover image to activate 360 view.
Glass Mirror With Rich Enamel Finished Frame
Available Colors
70in. Tall x 16in. Wide x 4.125in. Deep
2 Fixed Shelves
6 Adjustable Shelves
8 Steel Retention Rods
Other information
Weight: 32 lbs
Min. Hinges Required for Installation: 2 Hinges
Door Hinge mount: Left or Right
-Adjustable Hanging Hardware -Required Corner Clearance: a minimum distance of 3.5 inches between the adjacent wall and the center of each hinge pin
Installation Instructions

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